‘68. I’m never sure which way I’ve turned round, let alone where I am. Photography allows me to dangle in the voidand in the tangible. I have passed the last 20 years wandering wild lands far and wide, living my adventures autonomously, always roughing it, alone or in small groups. I’ve experienced Cape Horn by kayak, Greenlandon skis, Baffin Island, the Himalayas, Svalbard, Patagonia, Iceland, The Alps, The Atlas Mountains, The Highlands,The Balkans and the Great North of Canada and Europe. I was nurtured bythese landscapes as they unfurled before me, motivated by a strong sense of belonging to them rather than by a needto challenge them.

With my photography I try to capture an emotion, share it and make it last through time. In this way the images become emotional anchors, they are able to slow down heart rates and increase vital energies. Nature is the principle subject, often depicted suspended and barely defined. As a rule, I work simultaneously on multiple, diverse projects seeking to interpret them with different means; pinhole space and optical bench, without shirking all the rest. I like negative spaces and I prefer photography that whispers rather than shouts. 



ZHDAT' solo exibition - Le Gallerie Piedicastello, Trento, 16 marzo - 25 giugno 2017

ATTESA solo exhibition - Trento Film Festival,  28 aprile - 8 maggio 2016

ATTESA solo exhibition - Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra - Castello di Rovereto, 31 gennaio - 19 aprile 2015

ATTESA solo exhibition - Terrace Bar - M. Lagazuoi 2835 m., 20 maggio - 14 ottobre 2015

ATTESA solo exhibition - "La Gran Vera"  - Moena, 13 luglio - 13 settembre 2015

INTO THE POEM  collective exhibition - Galleria Forni - Bologna, 11 giugno - 17 luglio 2015

INTO THE POEM collective exhibition - Biennale della Fotografia - Trezzo sull'Adda, 20 giugno - 31luglio 2015